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The mission of the IVCCC Vulnerable Populations Committee is to develop a trusted local network of agencies providing outreach and quality services to populations impacted by homelessness, identifying social needs and feasible solutions through collective effort, with the goal of transition into permanent housing. 


(1) Develop strategies to identify and serve vulnerable populations at risk or experiencing homelessness, this might include veterans, homeless youth, victims of domestic violence and LGBTQ community amongst others. (2) Explore funding opportunities for these populations. (3) Identify gaps in services for these populations, evaluate needs and provide recommendations to improve services. (4) Develop awareness of issues related to veterans experiencing homelessness, youth experiencing homelessness, LGBTQ community members experiencing homelessness, victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and other individuals experiencing homelessness.

Committee Goals: 

(1) Develop guidelines of best practices for conducting street outreach to vulnerable populations who are experiencing homelessness and/or are at risk of homelessness. Guidelines must consider the different needs of individuals experiencing homelessness.

(2) Develop guidelines for the County's response to emergency events, situations and unforeseen circumstances that will assist those individuals and families who have been displaced from their home.



Meeting Schedule 

The Vulnerable Populations Committee meets yearly and on the as needed. If you are interested in joining the Vulnerable Populations Committee please contact Jacob Bermudez at

Vulnerable Populations Committee Chair 

Dr. Kathleen Lang 
Committee Chair 

Leticia Plancarte-Garcia
Committee Co-Chair 

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