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Evaluation & Resources Committee

The IVCCC Evaluation & Resources Committee is responsible for monitoring, evaluating and recommending improvements to enhance the performance of the IVCCC in its mission. This committee provides project and community evaluation information and support, monitors best practice approaches throughout the United States and recommends changes in our region.

The Evaluation & Resources Committee is also responsible for identifying sources of funds needed to meet the mission of the IVCCC. It provides sustainability, recommendations and support to the IVCCC Executive Board. 

2023 Committee Goals

  • Review and update IVCCC Charter

  • Review, evaluate and update IVCCC website.

  • Review and evaluate IVCCC Grants and Projects based on performance measures.  

  • Continue to recruit new committee members and provide community outreach and programs information (to the public) 

2023 Meeting Schedule and Zoom Link

The Evaluation & Resources Committee meets the second Wednesday of each month from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Anyone is welcomed to attend and participate. 


2023 Meeting Minutes & Agendas

                                                                                             Coming soon



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