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To create partnerships and awareness within the community to provide, locate and facilitate resources which emphasize career readiness, education, employment and faith based opportunities to ensure empowering, diverse and equitable outcomes that acknowledge intrinsic human value and encourage active engagement.


(1) Prioritize active recruitment of target population/members that can assist with carrying on the tasks of this committee.

(2) Update list of available training, education and employment programs. This list will be a living document containing the latest programs information including contacts. List must be easily assessable. 

(3) Reach out to other faith based organizations and any other agencies who serve the homeless or wish to serve the homeless and invite them to join IVCCC efforts and participate in meetings and committees. 

(4) Assist the CES committee with possible training/implementation of revamped CES program

Resourceful Documents

​Education, Training & Employment Homeless Resource List



Meeting Schedule 

The Evaluation & Resources Committee meets yearly and on the as needed. If you are interested in joining the Evaluations and Resources Committee please contact Jacob Bermudez at

Training, Outreach, and Recruitment Committee Chair  

Jacob Bermudez
Committee Co-Chair

Dr. Kathleen Lang
Committee Chair 

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