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Updated: 09/09/2021


Policy for Appeals of the Rating and Ranking Committee 


1.  An Appeal Committee will be appointed by the CoC Governance, it will consist of two (2) to three (3) members who may not be members of the Rating and Ranking committee. ​

2.  Applicants may appeal if the applicant can prove the score is not reflective of the application information provided, if a scoring factor was missed or omitted.

3.  Ineligible Appeals 

  • Applicants that have been found not to meet the threshold requirements are not eligible for an appeal.

  • Appeals cannot be based upon the judgment of the scoring and ranking committee.

  • Applicants may not attempt to assert influence or pressure on Appeal Committee. 

4.  All notices of appeal must be based on the information submitted by the application due date.

5.  No new or additional information will be considered. Omissions to the application cannot be appealed. The decision of the Appeal Committee will be final.

The Appeal Process

1.  A notice of appeal must be submitted to the IVCCC Executive Board Chair within 48 hours of project ranking results availability on the IVCCC website:  Appeals to the Executive Board Chair must be submitted via email at .  

2. The notice of appeal must include a written statement specifying in detail the grounds asserted for the appeal and must be signed by an individual authorized to represent the sponsor agency (i.e., Executive Director).

3. The notice of appeal is limited to one page, single spaced, in 12-point font.

4.  Any and all appeals packet(s) must be received in writing within three (3) business days of the notification of project ranking, which will be posted on the IVCCC website,  

5. The appeal packet(s) must include a copy of the application and all accompanying materials submitted to Rating and Ranking Committee; no additional information can be submitted.

6. All valid appeals will be read, reviewed and evaluated by the appointed appeals committee.

a.   All applicants will be invited to attend any appeal and may make a 10-minute statement regarding the appeal.
b.  The appeal committee will review the rankings made by the Rating and Ranking Committee only on the basis of the submitted project application, the one page appeal, any statements made during the appeal process, and the material used by Rating and Ranking Committee members; no new information can be submitted by the applicant or reviewed by the Appeal Committee.

c. The decision of the appeal process committee must be supported by a simple majority vote.

7. The appealing agency will receive, in writing, the decision of the Appeal Committee within 2 business days of the Appeal Committee Meeting; the decision of the Appeal Committee will be final.

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