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Imperial County Homeless Strategic Plan

On September of 2019, the State of California offered the Administrative Entity (AE), an opportunity to assist in the development of a local strategic homeless plan, the AE graciously accepted the opportunity. The State contracted a non-profit organization to collaborate with the AE, the aforementioned organization is based out of Boston, Massachusetts, identified as the "Technical Assistance Collaborative (TAC)". The TAC team consultants have provided policy leadership, technical assistance, and expert consultation to federal, state, and local government agencies, policymakers, advocates, foundations, and service providers, for over 25 years. In a period of approximately 6 months, the AE and the TAC team met on a routine basis. Ongoing discussions and planning led to the hosting of three (3) local workshops in the cities of Brawley, Calexico and El Centro. The workshops afforded an opportunity to community members, service providers, and stakeholders to assist in identifying Imperial County’s greatest challenges and regional needs. As a result, the TAC team was able to obtain valuable community and stakeholder input. The information was transcribe it into the development of our homeless strategic plan. The end result, is a homeless strategic plan that has been carefully constructed, with factual information.

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